The Woman Who Produced A 'Golden Record'

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NASA's Voyager Golden Record project featured music from Bach, Mozart and pygmies from Zaire.

Back in 1977, NASA affixed a "golden record" to Voyager 1 and 2, the twin spacecraft NASA launched in 1977 to explore the furthest reaches of the solar system. This golden disc contained images, text, and lots of music. (See the full playlist here.) The creative director of that project was Ann Druyan. Today, Ann runs Cosmos Studios, which carries on the work of her late husband, famed astronomer and author Carl Sagan. Druyan spoke with host John Schaefer about working with Sagan on the Golden Record and how her team went about compiling a "mixtape" that included selections from from J.S. Bach to Chuck Berry and pygmies from Zaire.