Bored? There's A Music App For That

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As the French author Jules Renard once wrote, "Being bored is an insult to oneself." And he didn't even have a smartphone! In today's digital environment, there's really no reason to ever find yourself with nothing to do (well, unless your phone or computer dies -- and then you're just out of luck). writer Eliot Van Buskirk joins us to recommend four musical apps that not only bust boredom, but also allow users to create and sometimes even share their own musical works. 

Check out Eliot's list below, as well as video previews of each app. Are you a fan of music creation apps? Which ones would you recommend to combat boredom? Leave your comment below. 

Eliot Van Buskirk's Top Musical Apps to Combat Boredom: 

1) SoundPrism. (Available on iOS)

2) ToneMatrix (Available for computer and iPhone)

3) Synesthetic (Available on iOS)

4) Soundrop (Available on iOS)