Philip Glass: Music of Constant Change


On tonight's show, John Schaefer recommends ten records to help skim the surface of music by Philip Glass, as part of Q2 Music's week-long celebration of Philip Glass, "Music of Constant Change." From the album, "Glassworks," to the Qatsi trilogy (three silent films by Godfrey Reggio with scores by Philip Glass) to the song cycle, "Songs from Liquid Days," sample some works that serve as a fine introduction to Philip Glass's hugely influential music.  Read about each of these "Essential Recordings" in depth over on Q2 Music's Festival Pages. Also, these works were just the excerpts on the show for radio.  To hear each piece in its entirety, try the Spotify playlist.

PROGRAM #3374, 10 Essential Philip Glass Recordings (9/4/2012)                                                           





Philip Glass



Sony Classical Masterworks #90394
Available at

Philip Glass

North Star

Etoile Polaire

Music For Pleasure 2085
Out of print. Try or auction sites. 
The work is also available as part of the 10 CD Glass Box (, and on Orange Mountain Music’s “Analog”  OMM 0029

Philip Glass


Vessels [8:06]

Orange Mountain Music 58

Philip Glass


New Cities in Ancient Lands [6:53]

Nonesuch  79192
Available at

Philip Glass

Einstein on the Beach

Knee Play I, excerpt  [5:30]

Nonesuch #79323

Philip Glass, Douglas Perry


Evening Song [7:30]

Cbs Masterworks # 39672
Available at

Philip Glass Ensemble, Douglas Perry

Songs From Liquid Days

Open the Kingdom, excerpt [5:00]

Cbs Masterworks #39564
Available at

Philip Glass


Sand Mandala [4:00]

Nonesuch  #79460
Available at

Philip Glass

Glass: Low Symphony (from the music of David Bowie and Brian Eno)

Low Symphony- 1. Subterraneans, excerpt [5:40]

Point Music #438150
Available at

Philip Glass / Wendy Sutter

Songs and Poems for Solo Cello

Song No. 1, excerpt [3:30]

Orange Mountain Music 0037