Movement and Repetition


For this New Sounds, it's about repetitive motion. Hear the two-piano robotic toccata and other movements from "brazen" 24-year-old composer Timothy Andres’s "Shy and Mighty." Then, listen as Ted Reichman's slow-layered repetitive piano and organ phrases slowly build on his "My Ears Are Bent." Also, Dominic Frasca's got precision and angularity on his side as he taps and arpeggiates his ten-stringed guitar (augmented with some electronic processing) into musical impossibilities/improbabilities on his "Deviations." Plus, music by Philip Glass, and more.

PROGRAM # 3075, Motoring Repetitions (First aired on 5/12/2010)





The Philip Glass Ensemble

A Retrospective (1 of 2)

Philip Glass: Dance #9 [7:52]

Orange Mountain Music 0067

Dominic Frasca


Deviations, excerpt [11:00]


Timothy Andres, David Kaplan

Shy and Mighty

Andres: Antennae [6:33]

Nonesuch 522413

Ted Reichman

My Ears Are Bent

Every Man to His Own Taste [6:31]

Skirl 002

Daniel Schell & Karo

If Windows They Have

Un Celte [5:09]

Made To Measure MTM 13 CD Out of print.

John Surman

Private City

The Wizard's Song [8:50]

ECM 1366