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Monday, April 10, 2006

The White House Press Corps is often criticized for being too soft on the administration, but some critics say it’s over fears they’ll lose access to top officials. Former CNN CEO Walter Isaacson and former newspaper editor Harold Evans assess the correspondents’ record. Plus: Monday morning politics, City Council speaker Christine Quinn and your calls.

Monday Morning Politics

Ryan Lizza, contributing editor at New York magazine, senior editor at The New Republic,
- with news of the weekend

» Ryan Lizza archive (New York)
» Ryan Lizza archive (TNR)


"Honeymoon" Over?

Christine Quinn, speaker of the city council, represents District 3 (West Side of Manhattan)
- takes issue with Mayor Bloomberg's budget

» Christine Quinn's constituent website
» New York City Council, with information on Speaker Quinn's alternative budget
» Speaker ...


Are The White House Press Corps Real Journalists?

Walter Isaacson, CEO of The Aspen Institute, former CEO of CNN and former managing editor of Time
Harold Evans, Editor-at-Large for The Week magazine, former editor of the Sunday Times of London, contributor to the Huffington Post, historian, and author
- on Jeff Gannon, Helen ...


Open Phones

a call-in for Iranian-Americans


Green Day

BL Blogger is strangely preoccupied with the magazine biz today, in particular with the peculiar resemblance of this week's New Yorker to this month's Vanity Fair:

Who's the white chicken: Roberts or Clooney?

What's your obsession? Email us!


Bonnie Voyage?

Page Six (we only quote sources who are willing to resort to blackmail) reports that Bonnie Fuller may be out at the AMI media group (publisher of Star and the National Enquirer). We'll ask her ourself when Fuller joins us this Friday for her new book, The Joys ...


Sorry for the Redeye, Chris!

Christine Quinn: not a vampire


Required Reading: Monday, 10 April

In which Pataki taps his buds to fill top agency posts, the US military puffs up Zarqawi's reputation, the Christian Coalition may be a victim of its own success, a bump in film production in NYC angers the neighbors, and The Daily News is in clover over a Page Six ...


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