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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring is here and scientists are watching the New York area for signs of climate change. Global warming is the thought to be the culprit for early lilac blooms and the disappearance of islands in Jamaica Bay, but the effects could soon be much more drastic than that. Also: Richard Wolffe with the Washington roundup, poverty hits a new low in NYC, and the New Yorker's George Packer on a counterinsurgency plan that's worked in Iraq.

The McCain Mutiny?

Richard Wolffe, senior White House correspondent for Newsweek
- explains the twister game that is today's immigration/guest workers debate


Welfare Rolls Drop

Mark Levitan, senior policy analyst at the Community Service Society of New York,
Sewell Chan, reporter for The New York Times,
- on the declining welfare rolls in New York City

» The Community Service Society of New York


New York Climate Watchers

David W. Wolfe, professor of Plant Ecology at the Department of Horticulture, Cornell University
Doug Burns, Hydrologist at the US Geological Survey based in Troy, NY
- share signs of climate change in the New York area

» Climate and ...


Tales From Tal Afar

George Packer, writer for the New Yorker and author, The Assassins' Gate : America in Iraq (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2005)
- on what American soldiers have learned about battling the insurgency in Iraq


Open Phones

your calls on Katie Couric and the evening news


"That's an interesting name"

2 recent gems from the WH press office:

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George W. Bush, Leaker?

BL Blogger thinks it must be true if the New York Sun is reporting this (and exclusively)...And it hasn't even hit Drudge yet!


Required Reading: April 6, 2006

In which Scooter Libby fingers President Bush in testimony, Bush plans to resume production of nuclear weapons, federally-funded scientists feel muzzled over climate change, inspired by LA demos, Latino activists plan new rallies across the country, NYC welfare rolls reach a 40-year low, Jeffrey Canada accept's Bloomberg's assignment to bust ...


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