10 Things We Learned at the RNC

A look at the teleprompter and delegate seating at the Republican National Convention.

It's been a long week, so we'll keep it brief.

-Ann Romney Looooooves Women! And love

-Chris Christie is meh on love, big on 'respect,' (and himself)

-Condi Rice could still totally run for president. And wants to now, maybe?

-Republicans want transparency in money, too

-Life is more fun as a swing stater

-If you want to keep it fresh, you need Mint Romney

-Paul Ryan's Ipod spans from: 'AC/DC to ZZ Top'

-Being a Republican at the Republican National Convention is really fun

-Everyone loved Paul Ryan's line about 'trying to sail on yesterday's wind,' but his speech had a lot of whoppers

-Mitt Romney is coming for you, disappointed Obama voters