Who Wants To Live Forever?

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In the 1900s the average life expectancy in the western world was 47 years old. Today it's nearly 80 years old, and in the future, we're set to live even longer.

David Ewing Duncan is a science journalist and the author of "When I’m 164." He asked over 30,000 people: "how long do you want to live?

There were three options:
A) 80 years, the current average western life span.
B) 120 years, close to the maximum anyone has lived, and
C) 150 years.

Sixty percent of those surveyed settled for 80, with 30 percent opting for 120.

While it seems we don’t want to live much longer than we do now, advanced aging is looking more and more like a reality. With improved hygiene, nutrition and medical advances, the United Nations predicts that within the next century, it could be pretty normal to live to 100 years old.