#3372: Score One for Dance

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Sample music from unusual dance scores on this New Sounds program.  Listen to music from the New York trio, Spanish Fly - consisting of slide trumpet player/composer Steven Bernstein, slide guitar mastermind Dave Tronzo and tuba genius Marcus Rojas- which draws on famous American folksongs. Some of that trio’s music was used for the production of “Fly by Night” by the San Francisco Ballet.

Also, dig into “Shelf Life,” a late 1980’s collaboration between guitarist/composer Paul Dresher, writer/performer Rinde Eckert and the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, which came to New York at the Joyce Theatre back in the 1990’s.   Using a “collaborative stew” method, Jenkins and Eckert came up with the conceit of the various books sharing characters as a result of their cross-pollination through book covers.  Eckert created the libretto and performed with the dancers, while Paul Dresher was responsible for the music. Plus, hear music by Beth Custer, from a record of her collected works for dance, both songs and instrumentals; country songs to tango, and acoustic instruments to electronica.  All that, and possibly more.

PROGRAM #3372,  Unusual Scores for Dance   (8/29/2012)                                                       





Spanish Fly

Fly By Night

Fly By Night, Movement 2: Snake Lady [4:41]
Transition 2 [3:53]
Movement 5: End of the Night, [7:23] Bonus movement: Some Other Sisters [4:17]

Accurate Records AC 5024
Out of print.  Try www.barnesandnoble.com

Paul Dresher Ensemble/Rinde Eckert

Shelf Life

Excerpts from "Shelf Life" [11:27]


Beth Custer & the Joe Goode Performance Group

The Maverick Strain and Other Stories

Take/Place [5:22]

This Is Where I Am Now [4:33]

BC #4.

Mikel Rouse

International Cloud Atlas

Gaza Strip Mall (Get Happy), excerpt [6:00]

This and other Mikel Rouse CDs are available as downloads from iTunes, or check www.mikelrouse.com for more info.