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RNC Dispatch: For a GOP Insider, Convention a High School Reunion

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After the uncertainty caused by Hurricane Isaac on Monday, Republicans got down to business in earnest yesterday to nominate Mitt Romney to be their presidential standard-bearer.  The feeling in the corridors is almost one of a high school reunion – many folks you know, others you recognize and others still you feel like you’ve never met – but perhaps you have.

I’ve marveled at some of the sights and sounds here in Tampa.  Why was it, for example, that I spied Herman Cain in the media filing center with a larger entourage of staff/hangers on than S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley who passed by going in the opposite direction?

I spoke to an energetic and upbeat Marco Rubio (R-FL) earlier today as well as angry Ron Paul supporters who feel that their candidate has been treated unfairly during the Convention.

Finally, when the lights went up last night, the attendees were enthralled with the speeches of NJ Gov. Chris Christie and First Lady in Waiting, Ann Romney.  The cheers (as well as some tears) from the crowd when Mrs. Romney spoke were hard to miss.

On deck tonight? VEEP nominee Paul Ryan.  I will be very interested to see if the intensity and enthusiasm is even higher tonight than it was last night.  If so, expect Gov. Romney acceptance speech to put some much-needed momentum behind his campaign as he seeks to unseat the incumbent occupant of the Oval Office.  Much more to come!