Convention Night Call-In: RNC Wednesday

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brian Lehrer (Marco Antonio/WNYC)

Each evening during the conventions, Brian Lehrer hosts a convention call-in from 7-8pm, from WNYC in New York and around the country on the "(Mostly) Swing-State Radio Network". Get analysis of the convention, previews of that evening's speeches, and a chance to talk with public radio listeners in swing states around the country.


  • Jonathan Capehart, opinion writer for the Washington Post
  • Jorge Ramos, host of Al Punto on Univision and co-anchor for Noticiero Univision
  • A reporter's roundtable with:
  • WNYC reporter Anna Sale, who has been covering swing state voters
  • Craig Fahle of WDET on how undecided Michigan voters are watching the convention
  • WPR-Wisconsin's Shawn Johnson on VP nominee Paul Ryan's upcoming speech
  • Plus your calls! Want to join the conversation? Call 1-800-543-2543 or comment below
  • Stick around all night for coverage and a live chat on It's A Free Country

Tonight's Question: What's Voting Bloc Do You Consider Yourself A Part Of? Do you vote as a member of your age group, ethnic group, religion, or what?

Tune in starting at 7pm EST Tuesday. Tonight we're on WNYC New York, New Jersey Public Radio, WAMU American University, WCPN-FM Cleveland,  WDET-FM Detroit, WHA-AM Wisconsin, WUNC Chapel Hill, and WUSF Tampa

(Election Special opening theme "My Robot" by Looper | Closing theme "Lighthouse" by Bryan Young)


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Comments [4]

Bob Aho from Manhattan

Jeff Jarvis over at Buzz Machine asks a simple question:
Reporters: Why are you in Tampa?
After hearing your interview with John Sununu where you allowed him to make a ludicrous argument from authority (Where he effectively said "I'm an engineer and I can see 40 years into the future") I think Jarvis makes a fairly good point: what are we going to learn from hearing the "news" from the convention? From Gwen Ifill's blithering to Ryan's bloviating what value are you bringing to the table?

Aug. 30 2012 12:19 PM

Brian - I missed tonight's call-in - but I still have something on my mind regarding the whole tone presented by the RNC that is not yet picked up by ANY of the reporters or commentators I see covering the conference that I'd like you to address, if possible..Echoing farnaz from Manhattan, the following: the Republicans (and this also refers to anyone you interview...) enjoy hitting their talking points about how poorly the economy is doing under Obama - how slow the recovery. I'd like to note, in addition to their responsibility for amassing the huge debt under Bush (wars, tax cuts and the like) they refuse to take responsibility (or credit, in their view) for obstructing anything Obama and the Democrats tried to do to fix things since the day he took office. As they sought to benefit from any bad economic numbers, they have proudly watched from the sidelines as the country has fallen into a deeper abyss - they now say they can dig is out of with more trickle down from 'lower taxes', etc. - all of the dogma that got us in this hole in the first place. Fiscal Cliff indeed. They planned it this way from the beginning, iin my humble opinion - just to use now as a talking point for the election, just as Bush/Cheny used the war to scare people into voting for them in 2004. What happened after that? The Bush Tax Cuts (because of their 'mandate', because they 'deserved it' [Cheny]).

Please try to call out your guests in this issue: Republican responsibility for our dilemma - and their refusal to help govern our country - for political gain, in a time of national crisis.


Aug. 29 2012 08:49 PM
Patti from Virginia

You posed an interesting question about why Democrats are identifying themselves as members of a group and Republicans are not. Democrats as opposed to Republicans are more aware of and concerned about the discrimination that various groups have experienced. I am a Jewish woman. I am proud to be a part of two groups that are still concerned about the less fortunate ... that still see that we have not achieved equal rights and social justice.

Aug. 29 2012 07:49 PM
farnaz from Manhattan

I belong to the small business owners group where results along with common sense direct the choices in selecting Presidents. I think, in any job, if you fail, you get fired and in the real world of business, the percentage of recovery is interdependent on the percentage of the problem. The republicans need to acknowledge that they did nothing to reduce deficit, did not deal with Social Security, medicare, poor, education and health care during their 8 years.
For them to tell us, the educated with common sense and no agenda, that SUDDENLY they care about these issues and that Obama was NOT able to clean it all up and get us on a path to prosperity is MORE LIKE NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. If you mess up as much as they did over 8 years, in 3 years you cannot expect it all cleaned up? And you cannot go back to that job and say, look how they could not clean it all up, hire me so I can fix what i did wrong in the first place?
If you know of a company who hires back a person who lost them trillions, please let us know and we might hire Republicans again.
If the question is which strategy works, I don't believe I have heard one from Republican side that is different than their strategy that made this mess.
PS. I am an independent woman / small business owner.

Aug. 29 2012 07:34 PM

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