RNC Dispatch: Al D'Amato's Potty Mouth

I'm staying in Clearwater, FL at the same hotel as the The New York State GOP delegation, and this morning I went to their breakfast and ate their bacon and listened to their talking. I even shook Rep. Peter King's (D-NY) hand. The entire time we were in physical contact, I made sure to face Mecca.

The featured speaker was former NY Senator Al D'Amato. In a boisterous talk, he praised Nixon (with some reservations) and recalled times from his earliest campaigns. At one point during his remarks he quoted his younger self and used the word "Goddammit." An elderly black woman sitting to my right turned to me and asked, "Did he say what I think he said?" "Yes, he did," I responded.


A few minutes later, D'Amato again took the Lord's name in vain, and again, the woman next to me turned my way then shook her head in disgust causing the "Stand For Marriage" button on her cap to vibrate violently.

It seems we were both turned off by D'Amato's words, just different words though.