Republican Delegates from DC: The Realities of the 'Seven Percent'

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All Washington, D.C. license plates since 2000 have included the "Taxation Without Representation" slogan.
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The 2,286 delegates who have traveled to Tampa will choose the next Republican nominee for president. While that nomination is largely set in stone, the delegates that come hold a diversity of views and local priorities. They are from every state, the major American territories, and Washington, D.C.

Outside its political heart, Washington is dominantly Democratic. In the 2008 election, President Obama earned 93 percent of the city's vote, the highest margin in the country. Patrick Mara, a Romney delegate and the only Republican to hold elected office in the city, says that creates a one-party system that damages local government. But Rachel Hoff, another D.C. delegate, says representation from D.C.'s 'seven percent' Republicans also makes the convention stronger and more diverse.