Before Convention, Christie Launches New Social Media Accounts

Gov. Christie has launched new Twitter and Tumblr accounts to provide information on his keynote address and his travels surrounding the Republican National Convention.

Besides his @GovChristie twitter account, New Jersey's GOP governor is now also tweeting from @ChristieKeynote and posting pictures and videos to a tumblr account. The new Twitter account and Tumblr account - the latter paid for by the Republican National Committee - both became active Sunday morning.

Among the items posted on the Christie sites are a clip of former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean Sr. embracing Christie after he became the state's chief executive in 2010 and a photo of Christie's youngest daughter, Bridget, standing behind the podium and teleprompters that were set up at Christie's house so he could practice his keynote speech.

With Tropical Storm Isaac in the region, Christie also tweeted out in the new account, "They brought me down here on Sunday just in case there’s any idiots on the beach to tell them to get the hell off the beach!"

Last week, Christie said he did not care about the GOP platform, and thought most people would not pay attention to that, even though one plank  opposes abortion even in cases of rape.

The governor also said he looking forward to the convention, adding as keynote speaker,  "I got a pretty good gig in the Republican party nationally."

Even with a shortened convention due to the storm, Christie is slated to speak on Tuesday after Ann Romney.

With the Associated Press