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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A worker secures a tent for the Republican National Convention at Tampa Bay Times Forum as the region prepares for Tropical Storm Isaac. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

On today’s show: More from the Republican National Convention! Also, the GOP says it needs to win 40 percent of the Hispanic vote to win in November. We’ll look at whether it's going to get it with the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake. Josh Garrett-Davis tells about growing up on the Great Plains, a seemingly empty part of the country that is actually a rich and complex place. Ben Fountain talks about his novel about the survivors of the battle of Al-Ansakar Canal, a ferocious firefight with Iraqi insurgents. Plus, financial planner Carl Richards on why we make such stupid decisions with our money...and why we have too much stuff.

Baratunde Thurston on the Scene in Tampa

Baratunde Thurston, WNYC special correspondent, author of How to Be Black, and former director of digital at The Onion, talks about the first day of the Republican National Convention and what to expect this week in Tampa.

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The Latino Vote and the GOP

Also, the GOP says it needs to win 40 percent of the Hispanic vote to win in November. The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake looks at whether they’ll get it.

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Proving Up on the Great Plains

Josh Garrett-Davis talks about growing up in South Dakota and why the Great Plains might seem empty but are actually a rich and complex place. His book Ghost Dances: Proving Up on the Great Plains covers the destruction and resurgence of the American bison; his great-great-grandparents’ lives as Nebraska homesteaders; Native American "Ghost Dancers," political allegory in The Wizard of Oz; and attempts to "rewild" the Plains.

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Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

Ben Fountain talks about his novel Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. It tells the story of Specialist William Lynn, a 19-year-old Texas native who became a war hero after he survived an intense firefight in Iraq. He and his fellow survivors are being honored during the halftime show of a Thanksgiving Day football game, and over the course of the day he begins to understand difficult truths about himself, his country, his struggling family, and his brothers-in-arms—soldiers both dead and alive.

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Money Mistakes and Too Much Stuff

Financial planner Carl Richards talks about why people make the same financial mistakes over and over. In The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money, he aims to help people to review those mistakes, identify their personal behavior gaps, and avoid them in the future. He’ll also talk about why he thinks most of us have too much stuff, why it’s bad, and what we can do about it.

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