Tracing "Feel So Close" Back to Africa

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John Schaefer has a hunch about the underlying sound of the wildly popular hit "Feel So Close" by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. Listen to this playlist to hear him follow that hunch all the way to Africa - to the Central African “Congotronics” sound developed by groups like Kinshasa's Konono No. 1. Turns out that the connection might not be as unlikely as you'd think.

John's Playlist: 

Calvin Harris - "Feel So Close"

Field recording from the Mbuti people of the Congo

Konono No. 1 - "Paradiso" (from the album Congotronics

Andrew Bird vs Konono No 1 - "Ohnono/Kiwembo

Konono No. 1 - "Nsimba and Nzuzi" (from the album Live at Couleur Café)