Map: The Biggest Presidential Campaign Donors in NYC

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Which New Yorkers have contributed the most money to the 2012 presidential race, and where are they?

In collaboration with the Center for Responsive Politics, WNYC has identified the top donors to the Obama and Romney election efforts from New York City. We combined contributions to each candidate’s campaign; to the Democratic and Republican National Committees, which operate in tandem with the candidates; and to Restore Our Future and Priorities USA Action, which are Super PACs supporting Romney and Obama, respectively.

We’ve mapped by zip code everyone who’s given more than $30,000 total in the name of electing their candidate. Click on a shaded area to see how much money came from that zip code, and who gave what to whom. You’ll find venture capitalists, real estate developers, and even a few celebrities (Mariah Carey, Bette Midler, and Maury Povich, just to name a few).

You’ll also see which zip codes and neighborhoods are home to big donors for both candidates. Most of these are in Manhattan; however, Obama finds more big donors in the outer boroughs than Romney.


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Antonia Gilligan from Emerson, NJ

I am amazed that no one is stating the obvious. Wall Street wants it all, and the President still wants as many donations from them as possible. Let's recall that the President was the candidate that refused Federal funding in 2008. His rhetoric is scolding Wall Street but his SEC, commodities regulators, his FDIC and his DOJ have not prosecuted one Wall Street giant. Do you seriously think that Wall Street isn't smart enough to realize that if Romney wins they will get an even more caviler attitude to regulatory enforcement? So they can't loose. Either way they get a chief executive who will not stop the rapacious actions of the big banks. Wall Street will continue to throw the President some funds just in case he is re-elected.

Why aren't Progressives and Democrats up in arms over Mr. Richard Flud being free. How about Countywide that has been given a pass and now Jon Corzine is off the hook? I sure that his being a major blunder ( money raiser) for the current president isn't a factor. Nor is Eric Holder, his former lawyer and MF Global lawyer have anything to do with this mess. Why hasn't Edith O'Brien been given immunity and then use her testimony to fully investigate this miscarriage of justice.

Please recall that the 1980's the Saving and Loan disaster had over 700 persecutions but the biggest meltdown since 1929 has no illegal activities by anybody. Really?

I have never heard NPR do a in depth and detailed study of Jon Corzine's actions. It doesn't matter Democrats or Republican, they both eat the same Wall Street slop and the average citizen has his wealth squandered. Both parties are fully covered by the terms Demicans or Repubocrats. The differences are so small as to be negligible.

Welcome to the plutocracy. Realize we are not a country of laws but a country of the super-wealthy riding herd on the poor and middle class. The Republicans came up with TARP. The Democrats just continued to bail out the banks and asked nothing of them. Read "Bailout" by Niel Barofsky. A registered Democrat and Obama supporter in 2008 who was SIGTARP. ( Special Inspector General TARP). When will WNYC get serious with Wall Street or are you afraid it would hurt you ability to raise funding from corporate donors?

Rob a bank at gun point and you will get 15-20 years but steal billions, bribe Senators with low interest loans ( Senator Dodd and Countrywide), defraud your investors and commingle client funds with corporate funds and you walk. Go figure!

Antonia Gilligan

Aug. 17 2012 04:26 PM

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