Map: The Biggest Presidential Campaign Donors in NYC

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Which New Yorkers have contributed the most money to the 2012 presidential race, and where are they?

In collaboration with the Center for Responsive Politics, WNYC has identified the top donors to the Obama and Romney election efforts from New York City. We combined contributions to each candidate’s campaign; to the Democratic and Republican National Committees, which operate in tandem with the candidates; and to Restore Our Future and Priorities USA Action, which are Super PACs supporting Romney and Obama, respectively.

We’ve mapped by zip code everyone who’s given more than $30,000 total in the name of electing their candidate. Click on a shaded area to see how much money came from that zip code, and who gave what to whom. You’ll find venture capitalists, real estate developers, and even a few celebrities (Mariah Carey, Bette Midler, and Maury Povich, just to name a few).

You’ll also see which zip codes and neighborhoods are home to big donors for both candidates. Most of these are in Manhattan; however, Obama finds more big donors in the outer boroughs than Romney.