Opinion: Why Obama-Clinton 2012 Is a Great Idea

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 11:44 AM

President Obama is probably meeting with VP Joe Biden as you read this to find out if Biden’s “serious health problems” will make it impossible for him to serve as VP for the coming election. Hillary Clinton and Obama have probably been discussing if she would be willing to "serve her country" by joining the ticket as VP candidate.

This scenario has finally taken on some serious possibility as Biden’s comments about Romney and the Republicans wanting to put people "back in chains" spreads like a bad flesh eating bacterial infection. It has now even caused concern among some Democratic Party leaders who are worried that the Übernegativity that the campaign has entered will turn off independent voters.

For months many independents I have talked and corresponded with hoped that Clinton would challenge Obama for the run at the White House. I have said that would not happen and would be a disaster, a bloody civil war would ensue in the party between the Obamistas and Clintonistas.

However, the idea of an Obama/Clinton ticket has been mentioned quite frequently. Clinton still has huge approval ratings and even moderate Republicans, a majority of Independents and Democrats for sure think this would be an unbeatable ticket.

At a moment when the Ryan nomination on the GOP side is causing major discussion Biden has once again stuck his foot squarely in his mouth with his statement about Republicans wanting to ‘unchain” the banks at the expense of consumers and his “joke” that they want to put blacks back in chains.

I’ve tried to ascertain what the voter “base” or constituency is for Biden and am drawing a blank. None of my Political science colleagues that I’ve consulted have any idea if dumping Biden (via the necessary face-saving health issues route) would alienate any voters. Most feel it would not and that the whole dynamic of campaign 2012 would change and Clinton would be in an excellent position for the next election.

After all the VP is selected at the party national convention and that is coming up so there is plenty of time for a new ticket to be constructed. President and delegates make that decision. Just because Biden has been the VP does not mean that he must be the VP candidate for the next round especially with his “health problems” that would put the succession of power in great danger should it become necessary!

So will Obama go for the risky but bold move of shaking up the campaign?  I’m sitting on the edge of my seat.  What do YOU think?


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Subrahmanyam Vangala from Ringoes

Yes, I will support Obama/Hillary ticket. It will do very well. Bill Clinton will get a new job and do his magic to turn the economy around.

Sep. 04 2012 12:42 AM
steve parker from 97214

Obama/Clinton would have my vote.

Aug. 22 2012 04:04 PM

The only reason to put Hilary in the number two spot is to make sure she will run in the number one spot in 2016. I would vote for her. But as a Veep she would be kept on the back burner (as much as a Clinton can be) and it would be next to impossible for her to have any influence in the White House at all. In the meantime, I'm not going to vote because I think that the two candidates don't live up to snuff.

Aug. 19 2012 05:10 AM
Marcello from Brooklyn

Yes, thank you listener for your irreplaceable wisdom. As you say, this is an administration we cannot afford anymore.
It would be great if we could go back to the golden days of Bush when the budget surplus left by Clinton was turned into an ocean of debt.
When two wars were started but kept off the books while one of them was sold to the American people through lies.
It would be great if we could continue to cut taxes for millionaires and then complain that we don't have enough money to support programs that benefit the less-affluent.
I pray for another eight years of conservative deregulation and economic policies that can again explode in our face and turn into the greatest recession since the 1930s just as it happened in 2007-09 and from whose rubble we are still struggling to emerge.
We could repeal Obamacare so we can rest assured that nobody is going to take away our number one position among advanced countries with the largest percentage of people without any medical coverage and the most expensive and least efficient health care system.
And we could actually mandate that everyone should carry a loaded firearm so that any streetlight skirmish can escalate into a truly American bloodbath!

Joe Biden might be a buffoon but I'll take him over the clowns on your side any day...

Aug. 17 2012 04:58 PM

This speculation is very telling.
A President concerned only about the next election and his own political future seeks to replace a buffoonish Veep just weeks before an election.
A President concerned about the next generation and the future of his country would seek to replace his incompetent Treasury Secretary and economic advisors in the middle of his term.

This was an unserious administration from the start beginning with the choice of Joe Biden and we literally cannot afford it anymore.

Aug. 17 2012 11:57 AM
ANITA from seattle wa

Having Hilary join with Obama would strengthen the ticket and make it unbeatable! I like Joe Biden and he was a great representative..... I know he speaks from the heart and sometimes that is misunderstood and comes out wrong ... We need strong leaders right now and HIlary would provide that.....

Aug. 16 2012 04:52 PM
Anne from Florida

This is the best news I've heard yet. I wasn't going to vote at all because I have such little faith in either team. If Hillary is on the ticket, I will vote for Obama in a heartbeat.

Aug. 16 2012 03:15 PM
googiecat from Hollywood

Palin suggests dumping Biden for Clinton...Well even a busted clock is right twice a day.

Aug. 16 2012 02:00 PM
Rose Flanagan from Maplewood

Hillary or Bill? Just kidding.
I thought Obama should have picked Hillary instead of Biden in the first place. Actually I wanted Hillary for President, so I am just fine with an Obama/Clinton ticket. The problem is that politicians lack the hutzpah to make such a bold move. Because in the end no one wants to loose. So they do what ever it takes to win, including saying what ever people want to hear where ever they go changing their stories to fit the setting and selling their souls to the devil.

Aug. 16 2012 01:51 PM

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