Facebook's 51st Employee on Quitting the Social Network

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Facebook has forever changed our real-world interactions. Most of us have far more friends on Facebook than we do in real life, but so often, its through Facebook that we learn the latest about our peers: new partners, new babies, new jobs. 

Facebook keeps us connected, but what happens with that connectivity comes at the expense of our privacy? At what point do these virtual friendships start to replace — or hamper — our real friendships?

That's Katherine Losse's story, but Katherine wasn't just any Facebook account-holder — she was the company's 51st employee, and Mark Zuckerberg's ghost writer. But by 2010, she decided to jump out of the social media world and get back into the real world. Katherine quit Facebook, leaving that network of 900 million people for a small town of 2,000 people where she decided to make friends the old fashioned way: in person. 

Katherine Losse now lives in Marfa, Texas. She writes about her experience at Facebook in her new book, "The Boy Kings."