ICYMI: Off-Beat Business

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You’ve see the headlines, read the front pages and checked out the business section. But In Case You Missed It, here are a few, under-the-radar business stories you might have overlooked.

Queens Residents Could Be Stuck Paying Extra MTA Fees
Public transit riders who buy their MetroCards at Long Island Railroad ticket machines may have no choice but to pay a so-called "green fee" starting next year, according to the Queens Times Ledger.  The $1 fee, which would be applied when riders choose to get a new card instead of refilling their own, would be unavoidable at some stations where machines don't allow riders to refill their cards.

Free Office Space for Techies and Designers
Start-ups in need of an office can get a spot free at a co-working space in Manhattan, according to the New York Observer's BetaBeat blog. The free space offer holds through September and should be able to accommodate 500 workers. But they'll have to provide a compelling project idea to get in.

Rapper MCA Still Refuses to Sell Out
Beastie Boys rapper MCA, who died this past spring, outlined in his will that his image, music and art should not be used for advertising purposes after his death, reports DNAinfo.  The born and bred New Yorker's $6.4 million estate is being put into a trust for his wife and daughter.

A Shakeup at Wet Seal
Teen girls have no idea how much business drama is involved in running the clothing store Wet Seal.  Current company board members could be entirely replaced by a new team of mostly women if its biggest investor, a New York-based hedge fund, has its way, the New York Post reports.  Wet Seal has been facing serious competition from stores like Forever 21 and H&M.