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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sam Tsemberis discusses founding Pathways to Housing in 1992, a program that addresses homelessness among people with psychiatric disabilities. Since its founding, Pathways has housed more than 600 people in New York alone, and the program maintains an 85% retention rate. In addition to its New York headquarters, Pathways to Housing now has program offices in Washington DC, Philadelphia and Vermont, and the Pathways Housing First model has been replicated in more than 40 cities across the United States, as well as in Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal.


Sam Tsemberis

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Gloria Moore

My mother is apart of Pathways to housing in the Bronx and I am abosolutely disgusted in the way that it is being treated. Ms.Williams has been mistreating my mother for years now and keeping her in unsanitary and unsafe living conditions. It is as if Ms.Williams has a grudge against my mother. She is absolutely lazy and unprofessional. We were supposed to meet with her and told her to have her supervisor there when we meet with her, when the day came she told my father that her supervisor no longer works with the company anymore. At a later date she then told us that her supervisor still does work there. I am very offended by the lies that Ms.Valencia has been telling us this made up personal life that she has. I am highly offended, my mom has been disrespected and mistreated and someone has to answer for what is going on in her apartment that PATHWAYS TO HAS NOT PAID RENT FOR IN YEARS! MY MOTHER HAS PINK AND TELLIW EVICTION NOTICES OF BACKPAY THAT PATHWAYS TO HOUSING OWES. I am so upset and will be seeking legal advisement.

Mar. 04 2013 10:08 PM
Anne from Manhattan

Love ya Lenny but what a treat to have John Turturro sub for you. Very different and refreshing, especially the"Pathways to Housing" segment. Everyone deserves the opportunity to have a job and a home. Sometime in the 70's- 80"s we couldn't afford to address this as a nation but we eventually found a way to support the banksters, the deregulation and the greed that went with approving housing loans for less fortunates who couldn't afford a home. This has put a mark on his country that needs to be erased. Thank you "Pathways." for caring.

Aug. 10 2012 03:49 PM
Theresa from Brooklyn

Turturro is painful to listen to. Sounds completely amateur, and not in a good way. Bring back Christopher Walken!

Aug. 10 2012 01:59 PM
Pamela Parlapiano from New York

I am so proud to teach Photography at Pathways to housing first model is yes so cost successful in people staying in their homes....but most importantly the people who had been living anonymously in the streets, hospitals and shelters walk into an organization that wants to know and enjoy who they are as an individual!

Aug. 10 2012 01:25 PM
Vinny_G from Upper West Side NYC

All of the policy makers should be made to experience exactly what the cruelty and frustration of being homeless and poor produces, much like in the Mel Brooks movie "Life Stinks" Something to do with "Walking a mile in someone else's shoes.

Aug. 10 2012 01:01 PM
Gary from Port Washinton

Years ago I saw your organization profiled on PBS, I called with a suggestion to your staff and I wonder if you implemented it. Every summer local college close and the students throw out all their furniture and belonging, I suggested that you build relationships with the schools so at the end of every school year you can get all the items that would be thrown out for use for your organization.

Aug. 10 2012 12:56 PM
Amy from Manhattan

I agree about Pres. Reagan's policies' leading to more poverty & homelessness. But in New York, Gov. Mario Cuomo also bears a lot of blame for ordering the discharge of so many patients from mental health facilities without making any provisions for housing them. There's a lot I admire about former Gov. Cuomo, but this is a major negative mark on his record.

Aug. 10 2012 12:52 PM

Thorazine and ECT (shock treatment) should be outlawed. They are cruel blunt tools.

Aug. 10 2012 12:51 PM

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