No Jail Time for Mechanic Involved in Crane Collape

The only person to admit to a crime in either of two deadly 2008 construction crane collapses was spared jail Tuesday, under a plea deal two slain men's relatives scorned as an injustice.

Mechanic Tibor Varganyi was sentenced Tuesday to a year of community service, as part of a plea deal that left victims' relatives fuming.

In more than 40 minutes of statements, they urged the judge to depart from the plea agreement. They wanted jail for Varganyi, for arranging what authorities called a penny-pinching, shoddy repair to a crucial component of the crane. It snapped apart, one month after the fix.

Varganyi is the only person who admitted to a crime in the accident.  A criminal trial for the crane's owner ended in an acquittal. 

With the Associated Press