ICYMI: Off-Beat Business

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You’ve see the headlines, read the front pages and checked out the business section. But In Case You Missed It, here are a few, under-the-radar business stories you might have overlooked.

Proposed Nerd Bus Could Mean Tech Connections
A new bus line could serve New York's tech companies if Senator Chuck Schumer has his way, according to a DNAinfo.com report.  Downtown Brooklyn, the Williamsburg waterfront and Long Island City could be served by a so-called "nerd bus" which would offer transit connections to Cornell's tech campus on Roosevelt Island and tech companies in Brooklyn and Queens.

Hudson River Pier Faces Shutdown

Pier 40 on the Hudson River is in disrepair. The $30 million price tag just to repair a leaking roof could deplete funds from the Hudson River Park Trust, according to the Tribeca Trib. The pier could be facing a shutdown, but some community members hope that proposals for a residential building, offices or a stadium will replace the pier instead.

Public Housing Authority Spends $325,000 on Rally
The New York City Housing Authority spent $425,000 on a get-together for employees and website upgrades instead of addressing city residents' complaints, according to Patch.com. NYCHA held a rally at the Javits Center which cost $325,000 and hired a consultant to upgrade its website for $100,000.  Meanwhile at least 10,000 apartments are awaiting repairs.

Queens Goes Solar
Some taller buildings in Manhattan might stand in the shadows of their neighbors, making solar panels less effective than in sunny areas. But in Queens, solar panel installations are increasing, according to the Queens Times Ledger.  The number of installations in Queens has doubled in the last year thanks to tax abatements and grants.

Demand for Cured Meat Grows in Brooklyn
Meat-loving entrepreneurs are raking it in by starting butcher shops and charcuteries that sell locally-raised organic meat, according to Crain's New York Business. Plenty of educated consumers are willing to pay a premium for small-batch meat products, artisans have found.