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Standard Charter Examined Over Iran Dealings (WSJ)
Liz Rappaport reports: “New York's top banking regulator threatened to strip U.K. bank Standard Chartered PLC of its license to do business in the state, alleging that a unit illegally handled at least $250 billion in transactions with Iranian entities. From 2001 to 2010, the unit ‘operated as a rogue institution,’ earning hundreds of millions of dollars in fees by moving money through its New York branch for Iranian financial institutions under U.S. sanctions, the New York State Department of Financial Services alleged in an order that it released Monday.”

Closing Costs You a Ton in New York (NYDN)
Phyllis Furman reports: “For the third year in a row, New York State leads the way in fees associated with getting a home loan, according to a new survey from The average closing cost here is a whopping $5,435 for a $200,000 mortgage on a single-family home purchased with a 20% down payment. Compare that with Missouri, the state with the lowest closing costs, where they pay an average of $3,006. The national average is $3,754.”

Cops to Go After Twitter After It Shields Theater-Threat Nut (NYP)
Jamie Schram reports: “The NYPD will subpoena Twitter today to force the social-media site to identify a psycho poster who is threatening a “Batman”-style shooting rampage at a Broadway theater, The Post has learned.”

Council Eyes Changes to Board of Elections (Crain’s)
Andrew Harkins and Shane Dixon Kavanaugh report: “Steve Richman, the board's general counsel, said he doesn't expect a fair hearing from council members: ‘None of these people have ever relied on facts.’ The hearing could be combative. The board was pilloried by politicians and good-government groups following the June 26 primary between Rep. Charlie Rangel and state Sen. Adriano Espaillat. The board has defended its performance.”

Racino at Aqueduct Race Track Brings In Nearly $60 million for the Month (NYDN)
Kenneth Lovett reports: “More than 1 million customers visited the racino in July — the highest monthly total ever recorded by one of the nine virtual casinos in New York. The wave of customers to Aqueduct’s racino generated $59.75 million in net revenue for the month, also a state record. Further, the Aqueduct racino’s haul represented 38% of the net revenue of all racinos in the state combined.”

Street Sweeping Leads to More Driving: Study (WSJ)
Ted Mann reports: “It's long been a theory among grumbling critics of the city's alternate-side parking rules: If you make people move their cars, they will drive them. Now a forthcoming study by researchers at New York University says that the truism is usually true—but with a surprising twist. In neighborhoods where on-street parking is scarce, motorists are more likely to drive than use mass transit on days when they have to move vehicles for street sweeping.”

Fake Pot is Will Be Banned in New York (NYDN)
Kenneth Lovett reports: “State and local law enforcement would have new power to fight the growing problem of designer drugs and fake pot under a new regulation set to be announced by Gov. Cuomo.”

For Women in Street Stops, Deeper Humiliation (NYT)
Wendy Ruderman reports: “The laws governing street stops are blind to gender. Male officers are permitted to frisk a woman if they reasonably suspect that she may be armed with a dangerous weapon that could be used to harm them. A frisk can escalate into a field search if officers feel a suspicious bulge while patting down the woman’s outer layer of clothing or the outline of her purse.”

Plan to Move Homeless into UWS Buildings Worries Residents, Pols (DNAinfo)
Emily Frost reports: “It's the second time the 71 existing residents at 316 and 330 West 95th Street have had to cope with the Department of Homeless Services moving people into the buildings.”

Tech’s Boom Taps Queens (WSJ)
Anjali Anthavaley reports: “The challenge of meeting steep rents in Manhattan's tech-oriented Chelsea, SoHo and Flatiron neighborhoods has already pushed the start-up scene into parts of Brooklyn. Now, efforts under way in Long Island City aim to turn the waterfront area into a silicon sliver.”

Via Zines, Brooklyn Voices on Display (WSJ)
V.L. Hendrickson reports: “From tiny comic books to a notebook covered with sharpened pencils and full of pasted-in text, the handmade efforts of Brooklyn zinesters are now on display at the Brooklyn College Library. ‘Making something with your hands is an important practice, especially in an age of screens,’ said Alycia Sellie, the media and cultural studies librarian at Brooklyn College.”

Katz Creates Campaign Team for Queens Boro President Run (Queens Courier)
Terence M. Cullen reports: “[Melinda] Katz, who formerly served as assemblymember and councilmember, confirmed she would be running for borough president next year — throwing her hat into the ring with potentials like Councilmember Peter Vallone. Katz said she was organizing a campaign team, and hoped to make a formal announcement sometime next week.”

For Hayworth, Another Campaign Manager With Women Problems (City & State)
Laura Nahmias reports: “Hayworth’s newest campaign manager, Karl Brabenec, has managed to offend some women in his political career too... The 34-year-old Brabenec made headlines in 2003 after circulating flyers for a birthday party dubbed ‘Karlpalooza’ at a Young Republicans convention in Boston. The flyers promised  ‘liquor and sex to go around all evening’ and encouraged female party attendees to ‘wear as little clothing as possible.’.”

Most City Pedestrians and Cyclists Killed by Drivers Who Broke the Law (Streetsblog)
Brad Aaron reports: “A new report from Transportation Alternatives finds that, while NYPD fails to rein in or punish reckless driving, the majority of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities are caused by illegal behavior behind the wheel.’...[B]etween 1995 and 2009, 60 percent of fatal New York City pedestrian and cyclist crashes with known causes were the result of motorists breaking traffic laws.”