Christie Distances Himself From Group Behind TV Ads

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie denied he has anything to do with a group that has spent $6 million on television advertising in New York and Philadelphia that promotes the governor.

The group paying for the $6 million advertising campaign is tied to the Republican Party, a media consulting firm that worked for Christie's campaign, and a family that lives very close to the governor, WNYC reported.

At a press conference following the signing of a New Jersey bill to make it harder for teachers to obtain and keep tenure on Monday, WNYC asked Christie whether the secret campaign contradicted his calls for transparency in government.

"I don't have anything to do with the Committee for Our Children's Future," Christie said. "They're a group of great Americans who want to support someone who has great ideas."

"That's good for them. and as long as they're complying with the law, I think that's what they should do."

The law allows 501-C-4 non-profit groups to engage in political advocacy and run issue advertising without disclosing their donors. Those groups are not allowed to campaign for Individuals.