Cuomo Defends Transparency Record

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Governor Andrew Cuomo defended his administration against criticisms that he has not been transparent enough, saying he’s trying to do more.

Governor Cuomo said his administration has taken “unprecedented steps” and has gone to “exorbitant” levels to communicate, as he defended his record of releasing documents and other information to the public.  Cuomo was the target of a newspaper editorial recently that criticized him for being secretive and controlling in his handling of archive files during his time as attorney general, among other things.

“Can you always do more? “Cuomo asked rhetorically. “Yes. And will I always strive to do more? Yes.”

Cuomo says he believes that “ultimately, the people of this state” will decide if he’s “communicating “ adequately with them.

The governors’ poll numbers remain high, with three quarters of New Yorkers saying they like the job he’s doing in office.