Vote: What's NYC's Most Annoying Sound?

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UPDATE: The results are in! Car Alarms def MTA Emergency Exits to win as the NYC sound that #ANNOISE you the most!

Semifinals Results: MTA Emergency Exits def Motorcyles | Car Alarms def Subway Stereos

Quarterfinals Results: MTA Emergency Exits def Loud Conversations | Car Alarms def Yankee Fans | Subway Stereos def Garbage Trucks | Motorcycles def Subway Screech

Round of 16 Results: Loud Conversations def NYC Politicians | MTA Emergency Exits def Ice Cream Trucks | Subway Screech def Subway PA Announcements | Loud Motorcycles def Jackhammers | Yankee Fans def Gum Chewing | Car Alarms def Firetrucks | No Headphones def Nail Clipping | Garbage Trucks def Idling Buses

What NYC Sound Most #ANNOISE You?

We asked you what New York City sound most #annoise you. We've compiled your responses and picked 16 contenders for the most obnoxious city noise. Now it's your turn to vote!

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Round 3
Mon Aug 6, 10:00 am
Wed Aug 8, 10:00 am
Fri Aug 10, 10:00 am