Soundcheck Resolutions Check-In: Listener Andrea

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Our listener Andrea came up with a great idea for her Soundcheck resolution back in June. She's a musician-turned-psychotherapist, and decided that this summer - she wanted to form a band. But not just any band! A band made up completely... of shrinks. Take a listen for yourself below. 

Andrea's Soundcheck Resolution by WNYC_Soundcheck

Well, we were happy to hear from Andrea earlier this week that thanks to her Craigslist ad, she found a "very nice & musically adept guitar/bass player/drug&alcohol counselor" named Paul - and has formed her "psychodynamic duo." 

Andrea told us, "Paul and I have gotten together to rehearse and to do a (very) rough recording of David Bowie's "All the Madmen" (attached) and we have even set to work at composing our first original song (still unfinished). I'm very excited to be working with Paul, who is fluent in Portuguese so I look forward to our writing a song in the language of his forebearers! And I'm really diggin' the salty n' sweet vibe of our vocal combination." 

Check out Andrea and Paul's first recording as NOS below - and congrats, Andrea, on achieving your summer musical goal!

NOS - All the Madmen by WNYC_Soundcheck