NYC Sells Spent Shell Casings to Ammo Store

Mayor Michael Bloomberg may regularly call for stricter gun-control laws, but it’s not stopping the NYPD from selling its spent shell casings – not to a scrap metal company, but to a Georgia ammunition store.

Georgia Arms regularly buys once-fired shell casings, reloads them with bullets and sells them, according to The New York Times. The store sells bags of bullets for $15 with no identification required — a sale that would be impossible in the Big Apple, with its strict gun laws.

The casings were put up for auction in June and the store was the highest bidder for the more than 28,000 pounds of spent casings. According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's spokesman, the city's auction process dictates that it has to be sold to the highest bidder. He noted that in the most recent auction held in July a scrap metal company was the highest bidder for the shell casings.

The sale of used police shell casings is a legal and not uncommon practice.

Chief policy adviser John Feinblatt said Bloomberg stood behind the sale and would allow similar sales in the future.

“He believes, as do all members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, that our purpose is to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, not keep guns or ammunition away from law-abiding citizens,” Feinblatt told The New York Times. “There’s a big distinction between legal dealers and illegal dealers and criminals and law-abiding citizens.

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