#2641: New Music from Threatened Cultures

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Dig into some music from threatened cultures on this New Sounds program, including the Garifuna of Central America, the Sami of northern Scandinavia, the Wulu Bunun of central Taiwan, and more. Listen to music from Watina by the late Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective, which strives to keep the Garifuna culture alive and relevant.

There's also the Sámi oral tradition of joiking, through the music of Ande Somby and the group Vajas, who fuse voice, violin and arctic sound voyages. Plus, cellist David Darling & The Wulu Bunun, music by Telek, Mari Boine, and others.

PROGRAM # 2641, music from threatened cultures (First aired on Fri, 2/16/07)






Sacred Stone

Pub-crow [3:30]
Star Girl [2:30]

Vajaz #CD601. www.vajas.info

Alan Stivell

Journee a la Maison

An Try Marrak [5:30]

Rounder #3062. If still in print, try www.rounder.com OR Stivell's site: www.alan-stivell.com

Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective


Watina [4:30]
Amenegu [5:30]

Cumbancha #CMB3** www.cumbancha.com*


Serious Tam

Barturana [3:00]
Go Ralom [3:30]

Real World #49543 www.realworld

David Darling & The Wulu Bunun

Mudanin Kata

Bunun Tuza [4:00]

Riverboat #1032. www.worldmusic.net

Macintosh County Shouters

Slave Shout Songs of Georgia

Read Em John [1:30]
Religion So Sweet [2:30]

Folkways LP #FE-4233. Re-issued on CD as FW-4344 www.smithsonian

Info and CDs are also available at Shoutforfreedom

John Luther Adams

Earth and the Great Weather

Pointed Mountains Scattered All Around [5:00]

New World #80459. www.newworldrecords.org