#2517: Carnival Comes to Town (Encore)

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On this New Sounds, it’s all about horns, groove, and the urge to shake one’s money-maker. Hear the latest from Frank London’s Klezmer Brass All-Stars, a Klezmer/Balkan/Brazilian/New Orleans-inspired collection “Carnival Conspiracy.” This record might help to temporarily reverse the social order, shake things up, and shock people into new ways of experiencing the world – along with bringing together the intellectual, the booty shaker, and the Hasid. Plus it’s fun!

Also, listen for the combined sound of military brass bands, voodoo ritual chants and rhythms, scratchy American jazz records, with a dash of Fela’s Afrobeat that is Benin’s Gangbé Brass Band. And more over-caffeinated music from the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, something from the famed Wild Magnolias of New Orleans, and maybe we can make way for the Rebirth Brass Band.