ICYMI: Off-Beat Business

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You’ve see the headlines, read the front pages and checked out the business section. But In Case You Missed It, here are a few, under-the-radar business stories you might have overlooked.

A Morbid Place for Marriage
A cemetery in the East Village is becoming a popular venue for events, according to The New York Times. Weddings and birthday parties have been held at the New York Marble Cemetary on East 2nd Street. Revenue from events at the site help fund restorations and repairs. The cemetery charges a $2,500 fee to hold a wedding there.

Cuomo Signs New Piercing Law
Teens who want to get their ears, nose, belly button or any other body part pierced will have to get parental consent under a new law signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, the New York Observer reports. Under the law, body piercing parlors will have to ask for identification before piercing, and kids under 18 will have to have a parent or guardian sign a consent form on site.

Transportation Officials to Mull New Discount Bus Regulations
Amid a crackdown on cheap bus lines, the National Transportation Safety Board is meeting to consider new safety regulations that could be applied to these discount bus companies, the New York Post reports. The meeting comes as officials work determine the cause of a North Carolina-to-New York bus crash that killed four passengers.