Have You Ever Been In a Music Video?

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Earlier this week, we got an email from one of our Soundcheck Resolutions participants - Andrea. (You might remember her as the psychotherapist who wanted to start an “all-shrink” band.) She shared some good news with us that we’re going to write about later this week. But her email also included something else that we found particularly interesting: a link to this 1992 “Back to the Grill” MC Serch music video.

See, it turns out that Andrea was an extra in the video (she’s the red-haired hippie dancer at :40, as well as one of the scurrying nuns at 1:56). She sent us the link because we recently talked about Nas’s latest album, Life is Good - and Nas (back then, “Nasty Nas”) is featured in the song and video.

After watching Andrea’s clip, we were of course inspired us to start rattling off famous cameos in music videos - you know, like Courteney Cox’s on-stage jamming in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” video, or John C. Reilly’s role as a looter in Fiona Apple’s video for “Across the Universe," or (most importantly) Al Franken's pop-up appearance in Ray Parker Jr.'s Ghostbusters video.

But what we really want to know is - how many of our listeners, like Andrea, have been in music videos? If you’ve been an extra (or a featured character) in one, we REALLY want to hear from you. What was your experience like? How did you get the part? Have you ever inadvertently been in one - and found out later? And - obviously - you must include the YouTube link.