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60-Second Stir Fry: Caleb Leech and Ariel Nadelberg

This Stir Fry is less "fry" and more "stir."  Brooklyn Botanic Garden herb curator Caleb Leech and BBG Terrace Café chef Ariel Nadelberg were allowed a do-over of my lightning round of questions, after both were scorched by the heat of the hot seat.

Nadelberg initially drew a blank when asked about her favorite comfort food. A second stab at the question didn't help. "Definitely NOT peanut butter and jelly," she said.

Leech, feeling ornery, claimed the beloved childhood staple as his source of solace. 

Neither of them could answer my favorite Stir Fry question about the food they're embarrassed to admit eating, so I left it out on the second taping. Nadelberg told me later she doesn't eat anything "bad," and Leech, apparently, eats everything without shame or guilt. A rare creature, indeed. I suggest he be studied by a team of cultural anthropologists.