The Takeaway's Musical Road Trip: Detroit with Mary Wilson of the Supremes

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This summer The Takeaway is hitting the road, and hearing the hits, on our virtual music road trip.

Our tour guides throughout the trip include some of the most popular recording artists and experts from each town. So far, our stops have included Brooklyn with Reggie Watts, and San Francisco with Mates of State.

Throughout the road trip we’ve been asking listeners: What is America’s greatest music town? Among the most requested stops: Detroit, Michigan. 

To quote listener Fuva:

This is really not debatable. Of course, there are many great music cities, but do any really compare to Detroit?

Ben’s Encore seconds that, writing on our Facebook page:

Detroit is definitely the best music city in America. In addition to creating or significantly adding to genres like Motown and Soul decades ago, there are many recent acts that continue to pour out of Detroit — from The White Stripes to Eminem.

And so, by popular demand, we’re making a stop in Detroit. Our tour guide is none other than Mary Wilson, Detroit native, Grammy Award winner, and of course, founding member of the Supremes. Her newest album, recorded in Detroit, is called "Life's Been Good To Me."

Musicians featured on this stop of the road trip include: Little Willie, Lucky Thompson, Fats Domino, Nat King Cole, The Temptations, Franky Lymon and the Teenagers, Eminem, and of course, Mary Wilson, as well as The Supremes.