Fearing Scams, NY Plans to Protect Young Undocumented Immigrants

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New York is launching a program aimed at protecting young undocumented immigrants from being exploited by scam artists when they begin to apply for temporary work permits next month under President Barack Obama’s new immigration policy.

Some 90,000 young undocumented immigrants may be eligible for deferred action, which allows those who were brought to the U.S. as children to apply for relief from deportation and a two-year work permit.

“Many of these young people will be defrauded,” New York Secretary of State Cesar Perales said. “We’ve seen immigration scams very frequently in the past. What we want to do is offer an alternative.”

New York State Department of State is coordinating bar associations to expand access to pro bono attorneys who will help young people prepare applications for deferred action

The guidelines will be issued sometime before August 15, the first day applications will be accepted, federal officials said.

The state will also give one-year grants of $150,000 to four community organizations so they can hire attorneys to handle the applications.

Perales said two grant recipients will likely be in New York City, one in the Westchester area, and one serving the upstate area.

Separately, an established multi-lingual hotline will begin to offer information on deferred action, and plans to issue regulations making it harder for notarios, Spanish for notary, to deceive public by holding themselves out to be attorneys.

Immigration scams performed by notarios have been ubiquitous in New York and other parts of the country for many years. In some Latin American countries, a notario is a lawyer. Though that is not the case in the United States, some immigrants have been unable to make the distinction and consequently defrauded.

“We’ve already started seeing, ‘They’re trying to get you in the door. Let’s talk about deferred action.' Everybody that’s legitimate knows there’s no instruction on how to file yet,” said Jason Abrams, former co-chair of committee on unauthorized practice of law at the New York Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association.

Marisa Paul, 25, from Queens, came to the U.S. from Trinidad when she was 15 and is among those waiting to file her application.

“I felt like a fugitive,” Paul said. “At any given moment anybody could have came up to me and asked me for documents that I didn’t present to them.”

In March, after an application to legalize her status failed, Paul was told she would be deported. She bought an airplane ticket for July 1, but her deportation was stopped after the announcement on deferred action.

In order to be eligible for deferred action, immigrants had to have come to the U.S. before they were 16, resided here for at least five years, not be older than 31, not have committed a serious crime and meet certain education requirements.


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eleniNYC from NYC

My fellow Americans, when will our dependence, or should I say: our insatiable thirst for slave labor ever be slaked??

You both want it to be a "Felony to enter America illegally" yet, it's those very people you hire FIRST to mow and manicure your lawns, to work below minimum wage, to clean your streets, to help harvest because, let's face it, they have real long-standing practical experience, they are efficient workers, they can best tolerate heat, and THEY DO NOT COMPLAIN!!! why? because they are glad to have a job and you are willing to hire them.
No American college grad or HS grad for that matter will absolutely NOT want the jobs these illegal "aliens" from the planet: __________ [fill in the blank] are willing to take on. I know. They can work for you they just can't live with you.

The TEA PARTY is only out to exploit your frustrations, xenophobias and denial. Yeah you are ALL in denial.
Because, The TEA PARTY is only out for themselves in the name of the defunct middle class. When your anger abates, listen closely to TEA PARTY politicians. NOT ONE [1] ever outlines how they are going to rebuild the middle-class, mostly because they really do not want one. State and local govt.s in Alabama made a courageous and risy move by allowing Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz into that state and have helped the unemployment problem. The question is how willing are Americans willing to accept the investment ventures of foreign countries. It worked in Alabama. NYC is run this way. How else would we be able to support the entire state of New York!?!?!?! Oh, foreign companies and 70% of all the Greek yogurt consumed in the US of A

Aug. 15 2012 09:55 PM
Melvin Slade from Franklin, Indiana

Yet more tax dollars going into protecting those in this nation illegally. Whether it be federal, state, or local dollars, it costs us all. We are a nation that is in dire need to sit back and reassess how we utilize our limited resources that are being used in far too many ways other than the good of this country and it's legal citizens. This administration and it's DOJ specifically, has spent virtually the entirety of its time attacking states that only seek to protect their own budgets and security as well as attacking long held freedoms such as speech and religion. Obamacare will have far reaching abilities such as those a Colorado family business is facing at the moment. Hercules Industries is an HVAC company that employs more than 200 people and insures its employees. They are devout Catholics and are being told by the DOJ in essence to forfeit their business or their religion in that they will be forced to violate long held Catholic beliefs against contraception. This is not the America I grew up loving. I pray we minimise this threat to us as a nation. We are a nation more divided than I have ever witnessed in my 53 years.

Jul. 28 2012 11:30 AM
Dave Francis from Indianapolis, IN

Once illegal aliens swarm into America because of the Liberal courts the laws are so restricted, that it’s a free-for-all for immigration attorneys. Once captured and detained ICE agents hands are tied, when illegal aliens should be given a quick kick in the butt and dumped beyond the fence or demands the country where they are from, should pay their fair home. Countries that refuse to receive them back should be heavily sanctioned and any aid completely disengaged. People, who steal or procure a victim’s identity, should be locked up in one of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s tent city in Arizona and then deported. But this will never happen, as if illegal aliens can arrive here and get nothing but a civil punishment, then are able to pilfer state economies—what chance do American taxpayers have against the illegal alien lovers, except for voting in as many conservative True TEA PARTY politicians?

I have no love for either President Obama or Mitt Romney, but as an Independent my vote is going for the Republicans. I believe in a new America and that is the TEA PARTY. God help us if we had another four years of individuals like U.S. Attorney as Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano or any of the Imperialist Czars in this administration. All I have seen is the theft of our nation’s sovereignty such as Arizona, which had been ground zero for illegal alien pampering. Every American who reads between the lines of the bloated rhetoric from the Justice Department, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder or that Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security who always seems to have a sneer on her face, when addressing oversight committees. These people have the nerve to say America is well protected against invasion? Take a drive along the Southern Border and once you get out of the populated areas, there is nothing to stop the movement of criminal aliens, terrorist murderers or anybody from walking into the United States.

Jul. 26 2012 09:13 PM

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