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Mysterious Cuomo Memo Is Still a State Secret, but Now You Can Read It (NYT)
Danny Hakim reports: “A copy of the memo has been in the possession of The Times-Union of Albany for more than two months. Reporters from the paper obtained it before the Cuomo administration removed the memo from public view at the archives. And on Tuesday afternoon, the newspaper published the memo on its Web site.”

Mayor Bloomberg: Now Is the Time to Act on Keeping Crazies From Getting Guns (NYDN)
The Mayor writes: “Less than a week after Aurora, the two candidates are back to politics as usual, attacking each other on gaffes and trivialities. If not now, when is the time for them to outline their solutions to gun violence? After the massing shooting in Tucson last year, we heard: ‘Now is not the time.’ We heard the same refrain after shooting sprees at Virginia Tech and Columbine. It’s as if as a country, we cannot mourn the dead and protect the living at the same time.”

Jobless Rates High in Bronx, Brooklyn (WSJ)
Anjali Athavaley reports: “The Bronx and Brooklyn continued to post the highest rates of unemployment in the city in June, highlighting the disparity in jobless rates among the five boroughs. According to non-seasonally adjusted numbers from the state Department of Labor, Bronx’s unemployment rate was 14%, up from 12.1% a year ago. Kings County’s rate rose to 11% from 9.7% a year ago.”

More On the Arrest of Jimmy Meng (NYDN)
Daily Politics reports: “One law enforcement source said that the hope was to flip Meng and make use of his long history of raising campaign cash -- especially as the feds continue to probe an alleged fundraising conspiracy in City Comptroller John Liu's as-yet-undeclared mayoral campaign. Meng is personally listed as having made just a single contribution to Liu -- $1,000 in 2006. One of Liu's bundlers, Fan Jen Meng, who is listed as the head of a company called Celebrity Tour and Travel, apparently has more than one thing in common with Jimmy Meng.”

Sounds of Silence on Legislative Pay (Times-Union)
Gregory Barber reports: “Fewer than one-third of its 62 senators (11 Democrats, 8 Republicans) responded to a Times Union phone survey asking whether they would like to see an end to 14 years of stagnant pay. And among those who said they favored a hike, still fewer spoke candidly about the specifics of voting themselves fatter paychecks.”

Nanny Mike’s Next Target a Real Boozy (NYP)
Carl Campanile reports: “Having attacked smoking, trans fats and sugary drinks, the Bloomberg administration is ramping up its campaign against alcohol abuse, The Post has learned. The city Health Department will be conducting a massive, 50-question telephone survey of New Yorkers to get a better handle on the level of alcohol abuse in the city.”

Audits: State Overpaid $33M in Medicaid Bills (Times Union)
Jimmy Vielkind reports: “Audits released Tuesday by Comptroller Tom DiNapoli found the state paid an extra $33 million through its Medicaid program over the past five years, mostly by issuing multiple IDs to users of the eMedNY reimbursement system.”

Gov. Cuomo Signs Law That Aims to Boost NYS’s Film Industry (NYDN)
Glenn Blain reports:”Gov. Cuomo on Tuesday signed legislation intended to boost the state’s film and television industry by granting larger tax credits for editing and other postproduction work — even if the programs are not filmed in New York.”

Rezoning Clears Way for ‘Small City’ in the Bronx (NYT)
Jake Mooney reports: “A development firm co-founded by Gifford Miller, a former New York City Council speaker, though, is betting that the stretch, rezoned for residential use last October, can be transformed into what the Bronx borough president, Rubén Díaz Jr., calls ‘a small city.’ The project, which is to include 1,325 units of housing and 46,000 square feet of retail space, took an important step forward this month, when it received $1.2 million in capital financing from Mr. Diaz’s office and another $1.3 million allocated by City Councilman Joel Rivera.”

Manhattan Rents Beckon Brooklynites (WSJ)
Laura Kusisto reports that rising Brooklyn rents are leading have some professionals fleeing back to Manhattan: “Rents for studios in Manhattan were up almost 8% on a mean basis in June from the same month a year earlier, compared with a 10.4% jump in Brooklyn. One-bedrooms also rose by less than 5% in Manhattan in the same period, while rising nearly 10% in Brooklyn.”

Man on Subway Platform Struck by Uptown 6 Train (DNAinfo)
Mary Johnson reports on this bizarre accident: “The incident took place around 6:30 p.m. when a train hit the man while he was still on the platform, an FDNY spokesman said. The man did not fall underneath the tracks or become pinned as a result of the accident, the spokesman said, but the extent of his injuries was not immediately clear.”

Cone Biz’s Vanilla Gorillas (NYP)
Doree Lewak reports: “A turf war between Mister Softee trucks and rival ice-cream and frozen-yogurt peddlers has exploded this summer, leaving a trail of sabotaged trucks, bloody noses and even death threats. ‘It got ugly fast,’ said a 21-year-old Yogo frozen-yogurt driver of a recent run he had with a fuming team of Mister Softee men on Madison Avenue. ‘One double-parked right next to me, trying to distract me, while the other guy cut off my brakes with a crowbar!’ the first-year fro-yo slinger said of a tense 15-minute episode.”