Father of Queens Assemblywoman Arrested for Fraud

The father of Queens Democratic Assemblywoman and Congressional candidate Grace Meng was arrested Tuesday for allegedly soliciting $80,000 in cash from a defendant in a tax crime and telling the individual that he would use the money to bribe prosecutors for a reduced sentence.

Former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng was caught on tape allegedly instructing a defendant to pay him bribe money that would be distributed to assistant district attorneys in exchange for a lesser sentence, according to the complaint.

He never had intention of passing along the money, investigators say. 

Meng was arrested Tuesday in his Queens lumber yard after he accepted a fruit basket that held thousands of dollars from the defendant, the complaint says.

In a statement, Assemblywoman Grace Meng said she was “shocked and deeply saddened” by the allegations.

“Prior to this afternoon’s reports, I had no knowledge of my father’s actions or the investigation,” she said. “I am independent of my father – always have been, always will be. Until more facts emerge and we have a better understanding of the situation, the only thing further I’ll say is that I urge my father to fully cooperate with all authorities.”

Meng is scheduled to be arraigned in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon.

Meng Complaint