#3060: A Wand'ring Minstrel…Aye!

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Modern troubadours may not travel from court to court, but some musicians still keep the bardic tradition alive, telling stories and accompanying themselves on the harp.  We’ll hear from Joanna Newsom, a contemporary songwriter whose earlier epic work made a most memorable musical narrative out of her sister teaching her to name stars, accompanied by a concert harp.  From her 3-CD set called “Have One On Me,” we’ll hear “Go Long” in which she improbably manages to use “palanquin,” “bequeath,” and “Kentucky” in the same song.

Also, something from the ancient epics of Iceland, a selection by Robin Williamson who accompanies himself on troubadour harp, and bardic music from the old English tradition – namely the Beowulf story from Benjamin Bagby.  Plus, a medieval French trouvere song, sung by Paul Hillier, accompanied by Andrew Lawrence King.  And more.

PROGRAM # 3060, Modern Troubadours (First aired on 4/07/2010)





Theatre of Voices (Paul Hillier/Andrew Lawrence King)

French Troubadour Songs

Voulez vous que je vous chant [4:35]

Harmonia Mundi 907184, reissued as HCX3957184 in 2001 www.harmoniamundi.com

Alan Stivell


Jenovefa (Genièvre) [3:56]

Disques Dreyfus 36 189. Out of print. Information and discography at www.alan-stivell.com

Joanna Newsom

Have One on Me

Go Long [8:02]

Drag City 390

Sequentia (Benjamin Bagby)

Edda – Myths from Medieval Iceland

Veit ek at ek hekk (Sayings of the High One) [5:41]

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77381
Available for download or purchase CD at Amazon.com*

Robin Williamson

The Seed At Zero

Poem On His Birthday [11:42]

ECM 1732 www.ecmrecords.com

Alan Stivell


Ys [8:46]

Disques Dreyfus 36 189. Out of print. But iTunes has this track available for download.

Joanna Newsom

Have One on Me

Esme [7:56]

See above.