Parallel Play: Dylan's 'Blood on the Tracks'

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The author A.J. Jacobs is known for setting self-improvement goals and sticking to them, no matter how radical they might be. Back in June, Jacobs set out to fill in a gap in his music knowledge -- and listen to (a lot of) Bob Dylan this summer. On July 24, we aimed to school him in a critical chapter of Dylan's discography, as part of a Soundcheck Workshop experiment called "Parallel Play."

(Want to listen to the album via Spotify? Click here.)

After an informal, unscientific poll of Soundcheck listeners, we determined that Dylan's 1975 album "Blood on the Tracks" would be the perfect album to kick-start our experiment. 

At precisely 8:30 ET on July 24, we asked YOU to play Bob Dylan's landmark album "Blood on the Tracks" on a personal music device of your choice: iPod, CD player, turntable, old tape deck in your classic 1986 Ford Escort ... you get the idea. Here's the conversation that resulted: