Mayor Blames Technical Reasons for Bike Share Hold Up

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city’s long awaited bike share program won’t launch in July for technical reasons.

At a ribbon cutting ceremony for new apartments in the Sugar Hill section of Manhattan, the mayor was asked when the program was going to be up and running — and what the problems were.

He said the software to run the bike share wasn't working just yet.

"Just rest assured we’re not going to put out any program here that doesn’t work. What’s fascinating is there was a lot of screaming that ‘We don’t want bikes’ and now everybody’s screaming ‘We want ‘em now.’ We’re just not going to do it until it works," Bloomberg said. "There’s no government money involved whatsoever here, the only thing about a delay — if it turns out there is one — is that people won’t be able to use something that we think is phenomenally popular. But until we get it working perfectly, have these private companies do it to our satisfaction, we’re just not going to put it out.”

Listen to the mayor's comments below:

Earlier this week it was announced that the program would not begin until August at the earliest.

“We’re working on the launch plan and will update the public as soon as we finalize all the details,” Seth Solomonow, NYC DOT spokesman told Transportation Nation in an email.

When it launches, 10,000 bikes at 600 stations will be available for those who enroll in the program. The bike share, sponsored by Citibank, is expected to be deployed in phases.