Stringer Opposes Chelsea Market Expansion

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Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer disapproves of plans to expand Chelsea Market and is poised to recommend they be vetoed unless it is reworked.

The plan by real estate developer Jamestown Properties includes adding a 230-foot office tower on 10th Avenue including 240,000 square feet of office space, plus a 90,000 square foot hotel to the existing market.

It will go before the Planning Commission for approval in late August. Ultimately, the plan could be axed by Council Speaker Christine Quinn by the end of the year.

"It clearly proposes a development that would overshadow the High Line, create the density and bulk that really hurts a local community with a rich history," Stringer said in an interview with WNYC.

The borough president doesn't have any direct say on whether the project moves forward, but it does mean nine city planning commissioners instead of seven will have to vote in favor of the plan for it to pass.

Stringer said he would support a scaled back version of the plan and would urge developers to build along Ninth Avenue rather than expand onto 10th.

Jamestown says its current plan for Chelsea Market will avoid displacing existing tenants and lead to an additional 1,200 jobs in technology and media as companies move to the proposed office space.

"The expansion will be achieved without relocating existing tenants or any public subsidy, and will in fact generate some $7 million of new tax revenue annually as well as nearly $20 million to benefit the High Line," said Jamestown spokesman Rob Marino.

The developer says it will continue talks with the community to have its plan approved.