With Loss of Lin, Will Knicks Fans Defect to the Brooklyn Nets?

The loss of Jeremy Lin could be a slam dunk for the Brooklyn Nets.

The Linderella story official came to a close late Tuesday when the Knicks refused to match the Houston Rockets’ $25 million point guard – a move that has some wondering whether crestfallen fans will change allegiances and become fans of their East River rival.

The Brooklyn Nets has grabbed many headlines in the off-season between the team’s debut and its new arena.

The premiere Nets blog featured a headline that screamed “Welcome Knicks Fans!” just after the Lin move was made official late Tuesday night:

“Knick fans, those who have finally gotten fed up with the ironically named J.D. and the Straight Shot should understand they are welcome in Brooklyn. And reading through comments on Knick fans, they're are a lot of them willing to jump ship."

The Harvard grad rose to fame when he was pulled off the bench in February and led the Knicks to a 99-92 win against the New Jersey Nets. He also reinvigorated fans, giving Knicks fans hope and infusing the team with Linsanity before a season-ending knee injury.

But the Nets had a dismal 22-44 record last year. The Knicks were 36-30.

Still, the Nets have spent about a third of $1 billion on their roster since July 1, according to ESPN. But the Knicks let go Jeremy Lin by failing to match $25 Houston Rockets bid.

The announcement did not come as a total surprise: the Knicks signed a deal for Portland Trail Blazer Raymond Felton, meaning the team’s roster was three deep at the point guard position.