The Takeaway's Musical Road Trip: San Francisco with Mates of State

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We’re continuing our virtual Musical Road Trip series today in San Francisco. Our tour guide will be one half of one of our favorite bands, Mates of State. The band consists of Jason Hammel and his wife Kori Gardner. 

"We knew that when [Kori and I] graduated from college, that we were going to move to a big city and give music a go," Hammel says. "We packed up all our instruments and drove from Lawrence, Kansas to San Francisco." The city is still one of their favorites in the world, he says. 

"Having come from a couple of different, very musically rich cities, the one thing that we think is unique and that we love about San Francisco is that everyone supports one another," Hammel says. "It's not as competitive as other cities, and the support and community vibe of it is what makes it really great and what makes it ultimately thrive." 

The band's seventh and most recent album, Mountaintops, was released last year. Currently, the duo is on a break from their West Coast tour.

Bands featured on this stop of the road trip include: The Grateful DeadJefferson AirplaneThe Aislers SetBeulah, Flake Music (who eventually became The Shins), and of course, Mates of State.

We've been asking our listeners who we should visit on our tour. Check out the map below to see what people have said so far. Have another suggestion? Send it to us!