Bob Dylan’s Two Tempests

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News of the forthcoming Dylan album is jockeying for position with a TV show that claims to have found the electric guitar Dylan famously plugged in at Newport in 1965. First the new album: it will be called Tempest, and will be his 35th full-length release and his first album since the puzzling Christmas record he did in 2009.

Then there’s this: the PBS show History Detectives, in an episode airing tonight, is claiming that they’ve found the Fender Stratocaster guitar that launched a thousand cries of “Judas!” when Dylan plugged it in for his epoch-making performance at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. Where is it? With a woman in New Jersey, who says she inherited it from her dad.

Dylan’s camp fired back a few days ago with the claim that Dylan himself is still in possession of that instrument.

The producers of History Detectives then issued a statement standing by their research and their program.

As tempests go, this one may be teapot-sized, but still… that instrument is important to a lot of people (apparently including Dylan himself) for a lot of reasons.