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Opinion: Sen. Rob Portman is the VEEP Frontrunner

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The first true inkling of how Governor Romney would serve as president will come when he announces his running mate to serve as vice president. What sort of attributes will Romney look for in the person who would assume the presidency in the event of his death or incapacity?

There is no way on the planet Earth that Mitt Romney will announce his pick for Vice President more than a week away from the Convention - doing so early would put that person under a microscope much quicker than the campaign and the VP nominee would like.

But that hasn't stopped everyone under the sun from speculating whom the Romney campaign might be mulling (myself included). The current name being tossed around is former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. 

Unlike Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character in the hit HBO show “Veep,” Romney will need someone serious, experienced and able to step in to the most powerful job in the world. For my money, I believe Romney needs a Washington insider not unlike Dick Cheney – someone who has strong contacts on Capitol Hill and the K Street Community.  This is why I believe Ohio’s junior Senator, Rob Portman has the inside track to become Romney’s running mate.

A former Congressman, Portman also served as Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as well as the United States Trade Representative, both during the George W. Bush Administration.  Portman has friends on either end of Pennsylvania Avenue and he could strengthen Republican confidence in Romney while also hailing from the key battleground state of Ohio.  You heard it here first.