ICYMI: Off-Beat Business

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You’ve see the headlines, read the front pages and checked out the business section. But In Case You Missed It, here’re a few, under-the-radar business stories you might have overlooked.

Small New York Tech Biz Buys Big Company for Cheap
New York-based tech company Betaworks bought news aggregator and social media pioneer Digg for $500,000, according to PC World. Digg was once estimated to be worth $200 million, but has since declined in value.

Report Says New York Isn't the Best Place for Business
Texas outranked New York on CNBC's list of best cities for business because taxes, utility cost and rent weigh heavily on business owners in the Empire State, according to Crain's New York Business. Texas was No. 1 on the list. New York ranked No. 24. But New York is not the most expensive state for businesses. Hawaii tops that list.

Ivory Seized from City Jewelers
Two jewelers owned up to illegally trafficking more than $1 million in ivory from endangered elephants, according to NY1. Ivory from about 25 elephants at an estimated value of $2 million was seized from the stores. The store owners are being fined a total of $55,000 which will go to the Wildlife Conservation Society.