Could Dodd-Frank Prevent Another Financial Crisis?

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U.S. President Barack Obama signs the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act alongside members of Congress, the administration and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden

July 21 marks the two-year anniversary of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, but the vast majority of the rules have yet to be finalized.

Those two years have seen no shortage of big bank scandals, many of them recent. Barclays admitted to manipulating the LIBOR interest rate. JPMorgan suffered a multi-billion trading loss. Commodities brokerage firm MF Global collapsed. Then this week, another brokerage firm, PFGBest, filed for bankruptcy, and $215 million in customer money appears to be missing.

Rana Foroohar of Time and Joe Nocera of the New York Times weigh in on whether Dodd-Frank would have prevented these snafus if it had already been in place and discuss how effective the law will be once all the rules are written.

Then, in this age of 24/7 email and information overload, how responsible should companies be for making sure their employees unplug and get some sleep? Should companies be responsible for their workers' health?

Plus, a look at what will make news in the weeks ahead.