Ticket Fix Cop Tried to Hire a Hit Man, DA Says

The crooked cop at the center of the Bronx ticket-fixing scandal tried to hire a hit man to kill a witness in his criminal case, prosecutors said.

Jose Ramos, a 17-year veteran of the NYPD, and his wife were charged Thursday with conspiracy. Prosecutors say he tried to arrange the contract killing from behind bars where he is awaiting trial on drug running charges.

They did not disclose the target of the hit, but said the plot was recorded in jailhouse phone calls.

While investigators were looking into Ramos, they came across evidence of officers fixing tickets for friends and family. A dozen officers were charged criminally for making tickets disappear, which many officers said was not a crime, but rather a courtesy.

Ramos' attorney says they were blindsided by the additional charges.

He pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from the ticket fixing scandal last fall. He was caught on wiretaps saying he "stopped caring about the law a long time ago," prosecutors said.

Officials say several officers were unexpectedly caught on wiretaps discussing how to fix tickets.

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