Summer Resolutions Check-In: Listener Ted

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Longtime Soundcheck listener and music fan Ted also happens to be an artist and designer - so it makes sense that his "summer resolution" is to design a piece of furniture facilitating the "playing of, listening to, or storage of music or an instrument." Ted told us, "I have been thinking for almost a year about some furniture we planned to do already with a musical theme. I would definitely appreciate the deadline." 

Now halfway through July, we checked in with Ted about his summer resolution, and he told us that despite his hectic summer - "I have definitely been productive." Here's the evidence!

audio gear     

Audio Gear           Music Notes (click to enlarge)

From Ted: "The way I usually work is to do a bunch of thumbnails like the ones I am showing here in pen and ink, sometimes take a handful of these to a secondary design sketch in computer or hand rendering, and then select a direction to refine and do production drawings. I'd appreciate any feedback, as that would probably help me decide on directions to go!" 

You heard the man - help him out! Leave your comments for Ted below.